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November 22, 2023

Funnel Freedom

In today's article, I am reviewing Jonathan Montoya's new affiliate marketing program, Funnel Freedom, in today's review.

About the software's creator and founder

Jonathan Montoya is a seven-figure affiliate marketer and businessman that genuinely cares about helping people achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives. As an affiliate marketer, Jonathan has amassed millions of dollars online and launched multiple lucrative affiliate marketing campaigns. He made the decision to create what some refer to as an unfair edge for affiliate marketers after realizing that newcomers to the affiliate market were not always able to bring in the kind of transformative income that affiliate marketing offers. I’ll go into more detail regarding Funnel Freedom in a moment, but first, let’s examine how conventional affiliate marketing operates.

How Traditional Affiliate Marketing Works

Finding a product to promote is another requirement. Generally speaking, you should sign up as an affiliate for digital products on sites like Clickbank, Digistore, and so forth, and for physical products on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and so on.

Following the creation of an offer, the following stage is to organically direct visitors to a lead magnet through the creation of blog posts or videos. Creating short or long-form videos and publishing material on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are two ways you can accomplish this.

To increase traffic to your list, you might run solo or paid advertisements if you have the money.

This frequently requires time and does not always yield the kind of benefits that people anticipate. Take note that I stated "doesn't always" because there are never any exceptions to the rule.

Freedom Funnel 

Since Funnel Freedom is entirely cloud-based, anyone with an internet connection may set it up anywhere in the world.

As of the time this blog article was written, Jonathan had over 500,000 email addresses on his list. He understands the value of email lists. He says that building a list is the best way to gain people's trust.

The software generates an email campaign, a squeeze page, and a lead magnet (a free affiliate marketing course) for your leads based on the essential details you supply about yourself, such your name and social media handles.

Lead magnet for Freedom Funnel

The application removes the requirement for you to write your own emails or lead magnets.

It creates a white-label affiliate marketing training on affiliate marketing. Although you can alter details on the various pages, I strongly advise against doing so because Jonathan has extensively tested every feature of the software and has made a significant amount of money with it.

Email marketing with a Freedom Funnel

The free affiliate marketing training can be accessed by anyone who submits their email address.

The individual is also added to your email list, and the affiliate links you have inserted into the Freedom Funnel program will cause it to begin sending them emails.

The system will also send them SMS messages if they input their mobile number.

According to Jonathan, your leads will receive emails from them for a whole year. Please be aware that more affiliate programs will be added in the future. As of right now, you can put a few affiliate programs into the system to have it conduct campaigns automatically.

You might be wondering if receiving a year's worth of emails will annoy people. No, is the response. The campaigns are set up so that there is an offer every few emails, interspersed with a number of value-based communications, some with links and others without.

This is crucial since it will show your subscribers that you are more than simply an offer-maker and that you genuinely care about improving their lives.

Present affiliate networks that are loaded into the Freedom Funnel program

Please be aware that you can add your affiliate links to 12 different affiliate programs. Since many of these are for Jonathan's programs, you ought to get accepted right away. These consist of the 5-second silent video webinar, funnel freedom, and the 72-hour challenge.

To become an affiliate of the other programs, such as (To get your free account go to, you would have to submit an application to be approved as an affiliate. Getting accepted into the program shouldn't be an issue, and he offers information that you can provide with the affiliate managers of such programs when you apply, which should improve your chances of being granted permission to promote them.

How to gain access to Funnel Freedom

You can access the software here, depending on when you read this article.

In summary

If you're just getting started with affiliate marketing, you should check out Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Funnel software.

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