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August 26, 2023


Descript recently announced that they acquired SquadCast which means we now have a direct integration between Descript and SquadCast which will result in improved remote recording quality.

With the new integration, Descript users will be able to easily record high-quality audio and video podcasts and streaming sessions from anywhere in the world.

This is great for both podcasters and live streamers. It is a new way to record remote sessions with SquadCast, ensuring that everyone involved in a project can record with crystal clear sound and minimal latency. This integration will help Descript users create high-quality audio and video projects effortlessly.

What Descript is

For those of you who don't now what Descript, Descript is a platform that offers audio and video editing software with a unique focus on text-based editing. It allows users to edit audio and video files by making changes directly to the transcript of the content. This means you can edit the text, and the corresponding changes are automatically reflected in the audio or video, and vice versa.

Descript features include automatic transcription, text-based editing, collaboration tools, and the ability to export edited content in various formats. It's particularly useful for podcasters, content creators, and anyone who works with audio or video content and wants an innovative way to edit and manipulate their files. 

For a full review on Descript you can read the article I wrote here or watch a video that recorded discussing the various features that Descript has to offer.

What Squadcast is

For those of you who don't know what SquadCast is, it is a platform designed for remote podcast recording and interviews. It provides a reliable and high-quality way for podcasters and content creators to conduct remote interviews and conversations with guests, while maintaining separate audio tracks for each participant. This is particularly important in maintaining audio quality and allowing for easier post-production editing.

SquadCast aims to provide studio-quality recordings by locally recording the audio of each participant on their own device, and then syncing those recordings together. This process helps to minimize the issues often associated with remote recording, such as poor audio quality due to internet connectivity.

Squadcast Remote Recording Solution

Podcasters have a new and improved remote recording solution thanks to the integration of Descript  SquadCast which will greatly enhance your group recording sessions This powerful collaboration provides reliable and easy audio or video podcasting while relying on local recordings to avoid any quality issues that may arise due to internet problems.

In the past and especially when using tools like Zoom for group calls if one person had an issue with their audio quality due to hardware or internet glitches, it quite often resulted in bad audio recordings or audio files which aren't always greatly improved in post - production edits.

Descript does have the audio improver feature which is great but having the ability to manage the quality of the recording sessions with top quality recording software from the onset that will greatly improve your overall workflow whether your'e a solopreneur or if you offer podcast recording services to clients, your team productivity will greatly improve too.

Descript users now have access to the advanced remote recording technology that SquadCast has been providing their customers for years. With this integrated solution, podcasters no longer need to worry about technical issues impairing their recordings. They can simply record and move on, confident that their recording will show up in the platform ready for editing after a session is done. This means that podcasters now have full production capability all in one place, even for free or at a lower price if already subscribed.

The integration of Descript and Squadcast allows podcasters from all walks of life to access professional-grade production capabilities with ease. Whether streaming live or recording remotely, it has never been easier for podcasters from amateur level up through expert levels to get high-quality audio quickly and reliably without any technical issues getting in the way.

You now have powerful editing features available at the click of a button in my favorite editing software. You can repurpose your longer content which means there is no limit on your content creation ideas. If you can think it, you can probably do it with this powerful combination.

How the current integration works

With two major processes included in phase one, SquadCast will continue to operate independently. The integration with Descript has been greatly simplified, which is the first factor. The second is related to cost. SquadCast is now offered without charge to paying Descript customers. Phase 1 starts right now.

Phase two will include a complete integration of SquadCast's technology into Descript and the shutdown of the independent service. This implies that you can record remotely using the Descript app and have the recordings ready for editing as soon as you're done. Although we're working on it, we don't currently have a specific date. In the upcoming weeks, further information will be provided.


Whether you're on cheaper subscription plans or their more expensive plans for power uses, you have access to the integration.

You can see the latest pricing at

Which Devices can I use

You can use both your desktop device and mobile device. Mobile device users can rest assume that they can record with ease. With Studio Sound technology, it will sound like they were in an expensive sound studio, even though they're using their phones! 

You now have the ability create high-quality audio and video content with ease from and this makes remote recording easier than ever before.

Benefits of Using SquadCast Descript Integration

  • This integration allows anyone to record from anywhere in the world with high-quality audio.
  • Local recording is also available in up to 4K quality, with automatic backup of each person's portion. It doesn't get any better than this!
  • The ability to transcribe your audio immediately in Descript.
  • You don't need to lots of space to back up your files as your files are saved on their cloud service.
  • You can transcribe your entire recording which you can then use Descript's powerful editor to repurpose both your video recording or audio recording to various platforms.
  • You can break your hours of audio recording into bite sizable segments which you can repurpose on various platforms or episodes.


The integration of Descript and SquadCast is a game-changing technology for remote recording. It provides users with high-quality audio and video capabilities with minimal latency, making it easier than ever to create podcasts, streaming sessions, and more from anywhere in the world.

This powerful collaboration has revolutionized podcasting and remote recording, providing reliable solutions for podcasters at all levels which means you no longer need to be concerned about bad internet connection from one of your guests affecting you from delivering high-quality content. This will ultimately result in happier customers and listeners.

Grab your free Descript account today!

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