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July 3, 2023

Passive Affiliate Profits

Can You Really Make Money From A $7 Affiliate Marketing Course?

If you're like me and you're looking for a way to earn extra income or build a full-time business without spending a ton of time or money? Look no further than affiliate marketing and social media! In this blog post, we'll show you how to use affiliate marketing and social media to generate passive income.

From creating videos and using DMs to marketing on Instagram and SEO optimization, we'll show you all the tips and tricks you need to know to start making 7-figure earnings. 

I've seen and taken several courses by affiliate marketers that charge in excess of $2,000 for the same content that Zach Crawford shares in his latest $7 course. The name of the course that we are reviewing is called Passive Affiliate Profits and in this review, I will share my key takeaways from the course.

Passive Affiliate Profits Course: 7-Figure Success Through Automated Workflows & SEO Optimization

Are you seeking a way to generate passive income through affiliate marketing? Look no further than Zach Crawford's course, Passive Affiliate Profits. As a seven-figure entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success in this field, Zach shares his story to inspire others. With five comprehensive modules, Zach's course covers all aspects of setting up your business and sales funnel, how to write and create a great email sequence, how to streamline your processes for increased efficiency, how to acquire leads, how to use link shortness for your affiliate links, to creating captivating videos to attract potential customers, and ultimately generating millions through affiliate marketing.

Module 1

The first module of the course teaches effective market research techniques to determine products with greater earning potential. Additionally, users will receive valuable advice on setting up successful email campaigns and free software alternatives for easier implementation.

Module 2

The second module focuses on acquiring leads through Instagram and your TikTok accounts while adhering to the respective platform guidelines. It provides expert guidance on account setup and effective methods for attracting followers, thus generating a higher number of potential customers.

Module 3

In the third module, users will learn how to create compelling videos that maximize their chances of earning from affiliate marketing. Valuable insights are shared on finding free resources, such as music or images, and producing content that resonates on different platforms, including YouTube and TikTok. Additionally, SEO optimization techniques, such as targeted keywords and tags/metadata, are discussed to enhance viewership when uploading videos online.

Module 4

The fourth module emphasizes the importance of automating processes, allowing users to work efficiently and save time. By implementing systems that can execute tasks without manual intervention, individuals can focus their energy on finding new clients, expanding their business, and other endeavors.

Module 5

Lastly, the fifth module guides users on scaling their e-commerce venture into a multimillion-dollar enterprise using digital marketing strategies such as email campaigns, social media advertising, and more. Building strategic partnerships with larger companies, leveraging influencer networks, and other methods are also explored.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Zach Crawford's expertise and accelerate your success in the world of affiliate marketing. Enroll in Passive Affiliate Profits today!

Module 5 is dedicated to helping participants understand how to use Instagram, Reels, and Stories to grab attention from followers and convert them into paying customers with the right offer or solution presented. With this module, you will be able to create videos that showcase your product or service in an entertaining way while also gaining customer trust.


Affiliate marketing and social media are powerful tools for generating passive income. With the right strategies, resources, and guidance, individuals can create a successful business that generates steady profits.

Zach Crawford's Passive Affiliate Profits course is an excellent starting point for those looking to launch their own venture. Additionally, the How to Create Videos, Use DMs, and Market on Instagram program provides generous insight into using videos and social media platforms for maximum customer conversion. Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities - start your journey to 7-figure earnings today!


Do you have to be an experienced affiliate marketer?

This program will help both new affiliate marketers and seasoned affiliate marketers as it covers both foundational trainings and detailed training or advanced affiliate marketing methods and strategies which will help you create a thriving affiliate marketing business

Do I need to have my own products?

No, you do need to have your own products. Zach teaches you how you can promote his affiliate program but also teaches you how you can find other affiliate products that you can promote.

Is this a set-and-forget system?

No, while the system is called passive affiliate profits, you do have to put some work in or you can outsource various components of the process once you start creating income.

How can I make high ticket sales from this program

While this is a $7 program, you do have the ability to make high-ticket affiliate marketing commissions if someone signs up for one of Zach's higher-tiered programs through your affiliate link. 

Do I need to have an email marketing system?

Zach teaches you how to set up an email autoresponder, how to create lead magnets to capture email addresses, and how to email the individuals that provide you with their email addresses.

Do I need to know how to build funnels and websites?

Zach teaches you how to set up an entire sales funnel inside of that you can use to capture your leads.

Do I need to pay for traffic?

No. This program focuses on the creation of organic strategies to get traffic to your offer. If you are interested in learning more about using paid traffic, you can read my review here on The Profit Machine which provides you with traffic training which I personally have used.

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